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Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00PM Eastern Standard Time. The Toll-free numbers listed below are valid within the U.S.

New York headquarters main number: (516) 921-2800

Customer relations

Contact: Yancy Velasquez

Europe customer relations

Military Car Sales GmbH
06173-704-256 or 06173-704-257
Westerbachstr. 23
61476 Kronberg/Ts. 

Warranty department

Contact: Kamil Sadowski

Financing department

M&T Bank, Chrysler Group LLC, Ford Motor Credit, Eaglemark Savings Bank

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Customer Service
The toll-free numbers listed below are valid within the U.S.

Order questions:800-732-2839
Warranty questions:800-347-7019
Vehicle financing:877-682-8656
Europe customer service: +49-6173-704-256
N.Y. headquarters main number:516-921-2800